The Silly Things We Do

We had a revived interest in “Fruit Ninja” and we were addicted to it for months if not weeks. The two of us were always competing with each other to see who has the highest score. Then the husband came up with a challenge, the person who hit 1000 points first is the winner and the loser has to pay for the flight ticket to Penang in December. It sounds quite tough but I think it’s achievable. DEAL!!

We cut fruits every morning when we wake up and every night before we sleep (we are crazee!!) and of course throughout the whole day. One afternoon, as I was lying in bed, I started playing the game and  I got excited as I played on. The score.. *drum rolls* please..

I quickly print screen and watsapp the husband, I was so happy I couldn’t contain my excitement. As you guess it, he was not very happy! Haha.. The husband came back from work and told me he will not play the game anymore! 😆

Woohoo..I won a free ticket to Penang!!!! (Business class, can??) :p





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