Weekend Recap

Weekend offs hardly come by in my line of work. When I do get offs, I’ll make full use of them. I was off last weekend and it felt pretty short :(..Good times are always short! Nevertheless, I had a good amount of fun time, both with friends and in the kitchen. Here’s a little list of what I was up to:-

+ Was busy in the kitchen. Made a batch of pork floss puffs for snack and dinner was one pot rice.

+ Went to my neighbor’s house for supper. Supper was insanely spicy wings (inspired by the ones at Sunset Grill & Pub) made by Sam, it was to test our threshold for spiciness. Can someone get me water, PLEASE??

+ Made macarons (failed!)  and apple tart to be brought to a friend’s place.

+ Gathering of old school mates at my friend’s place.

+ Was at Swissotel Stamford for my our (me & SH) belated birthday celebration organised by Windy. She booked a suite and set up a candy bar. It was beautifully done!

+ Dinner was at Prego. We give it a thumbs up!

+ Made curry puffs while the husband got crafty. We both had fun.

+ Cooked up a pot of mussels for football night. Go Arsenal!


{crispy bites in the making}

{take a bite if you dare}


{another failed attempt..hmmph!}

{burnt apple tart}



{sugar high}


{awfully good choc cake with compliments from Swissotel}

{curry puffs}

{craftsman @ work}

{dining with jack o’ lantern}

Wait a minute! Is Friday considered a weekend? Haha.. Whatever it is, I had a great weekend, a productive one 🙂 Am looking forward to the next weekend. Enjoy the rest of the week, peeps!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Lady J

    Sounds like an awesome weekend that you had! Hey, your macs look good leh… do you know what went wrong? At least they didn’t have peaks like mine ;0

    1. e Post author

      I also dunno..they look good when I took them out from the oven. In a few seconds, they went “ppsssss” and became deflated macs! 😦


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