A Week In My Life: SUNday

Finally, it’s the end of the week. It’s an uphill task trying to document everything that happened on a daily basis and it’s even tougher updating my blog for my days in Penang were so tied up. As you can see, the Thurs-Sun write up was done over two days – that is when I have some Me time.

There aren’t many photos for today. I was so forgetful today, I kept forgetting to take them!

+ Stayed in and spent the whole morning with my parents and brother as well who came from Melbourne just to attend the wedding.
+ Went out to buy some hawker’s food for friends in Singapore. It was pre-ordered before I left for Penang.


waiting for the food which will be delivered to S’pore

+ Lunch was prepared by mum. I LOVE home-cooked food.
+ Packed up and bid goodbye to mum. Dad drove us to the airport.
+ Went to check in for my flight only to find out that my Staff Travel ticket was not being issued!! Checked with the counter staff and if I want to get on the flight, I have to fork out RM 800+ for a 1.5 hrs flt!! Forget it! Luckily I bought another budget airline ticket much earlier but that means I have 3 hour to kill before my flight!
+ The husband managed to get on his flt (we were on different airline) and he left for Singapore first.
+ Parked myself at Coffee Bean in the airport and start counting down the 3 hours. Thank God for wifi in the aiport!!
+ 5 hours later, the husband picked me up from Singapore’s airport. Headed home for some major unpacking and packing for my next flight the next morning.


nails painted in less than 5 mins

Woohoo..I made it. My one week of documenting my daily life.  It will be back to normal on Monday. I don’t have to keep reminding myself to snap pictures of whatever I do, see, eat etc..I’m sure this will bring back a lot of memories when I look back on it in years to come 🙂


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