A Week In My Life: Saturday

Today was incredible. We got off to an early start and headed to the mainland (Penang is made up of island and mainland, connected by a bridge) to attend my cousin’s wedding. Here’s a bit of what we were up to..

+ woke up to a beautiful sunny day. breakfast was already waiting for us.
+ drove across the bridge to the mainland (alternatively, you can take a ferry across).
+ arrived at the church. everyone was geared up for the day. smiles were everywhere and tears as well!
+ went back to my aunt’s place for the tea ceremony. I was served tea by the newlyweds – my first time after I got married.
+ lunch. power nap. ready for dinner.
+ arrived at the dinner venue to help out with some last minute preparations. I was delegated to be in charged of the polaroids together with the husband.
+ dinner were served. drinks flowed freely. everyone was having a jolly good time.
+ celebrated cousin sister’s birthday.
+ at the end of the night, I counted my blessings at the fact that I have such a wonderful family.









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