A Week In My Life: Friday

Wow..it’s already Friday, almost to the end of the “Week in my Life” project. Initially when I started out, I didn’t expect I will come this far. I got to admit this take one hell of an effort to document the whole day’s happenings!

The time I have back home in Penang is usually very precious for me. Most of the time, I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and meet up with my close friends. But this trip back is solely a family affair.

  • This morning was a daddy and daughter time. I was woken up pretty early by my dad and we went to the market to get some breakfast. I love going to the market, walking around enjoying the bustling scene.
  • Visited my granny and there she was busy cooking in the kitchen. Had a lovely chat with her and she reminded me that I forgotten her birthday 😳 Happy Belated Birthday, Mama!!
  • Made pandan chiffon cake and durian puffs with my mum. The cake turned out to be one of the best so far but the puffs were a disaster despite me making them numerous times.
  • The husband’s flight was delayed ex-Singapore therefore we missed out on my cousin’s pre wedding dinner. Thus, we had dinner at my in-laws.
  • Got home around 11ish, watched a few minutes of TV and we decided to call it a night. It will be another early morning on Saturday.

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