A Week In My Life: Thursday

Ohw Thursday, how I love thee!! Today I am going back to Penang..Yipee!! It’s been few months since I last went back. I’ve never been this excited before but somehow, today was different. I just can’t wait to go back. Maybe because I miss my parents dearly.

I started my day super early considering that I slept at 4.30 am. Woke up at 10ish, did some laundry and packed my bags before heading to the airport. I was on a budget airline and I find it a bit shocking to know that they charged SGD 5 for every passenger checking in at the counter. They encouraged web check in..maybe they expect everyone to be web savvy 🙄 Arrived into Penang Airport and were welcomed by the forever ongoing construction. It was more than one year. Talking about efficiency here.

  • My mum picked me up from the airport and I was happy to see my dad when I reached home. He must have left work early for me. Hehe.
  • Had some mother-daughter time. Sharing with her my shopping and she bagged a few of them! 🙂
    Tonight’s dinner was hosted by my aunt. A few of my relatives were already in town and it was a great opportunity to meet up. After dinner, we went over to her place and helped with decorating the house for my cousin bro’s wedding which is on this Saturday. I can feel the excitement in the house and it reminded me of my wedding which was one year ago. I want to turn back the time!! By the time everything has been set up, it’s time for the one hour drive home.
Here’s a peek into my Thursday. The next few days will be a busy one and I’m looking forward to it. Til then..

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