A Week In My Life: Tuesday

9.25 am – Woke up to heavy rain this morning, it was such a perfect weather to sleep in! But today is a working day for me. Got to drag my lazy ass out from the bed. I made myself a cup of coffee and prep myself for work. 

10.30 am – Drag myself to work. I am heading to the land of No Facebook, No WordPress – Shanghai. 

8.00 p m – Reached Shanghai and checked in at the hotel. Hotels are my second home 🙂  You notice the time gap from 10.30 am to 8pm? That is when I was working. So, nothing much to write about. 

9.00 pm – Went out for dinner with my colleagues. What’s for dinner? Shabu-shabu (hotpot) – perfect meal for cold weather. We had so much to eat and it only cost us S$ 10 each. During dinner, we witnessed a fight, the workers in the food court got to restrain the two guys and police were called in. It was quite a scene. We finished our dinner way passed their closing time and the staffs patiently waited for us 🙂 After dinner, I pampered myself with a much needed massage. Masseur were called in to the hotel room. Compared to Singapore, it is relatively cheaper and the masseurs are all well trained. After a hard day’s work, this is the icing on the cake 😉

2.58 am – After the relaxing massage, it’s time to hit the bed! Yawnz!


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