Fiery Wings

Have you ever eaten something so spicy that you can feel the burning sensation all the way from your lips to your stomach? Well, I have. After hearing so much about the notorious buffalo wings at Sunset Grill & Pub, we finally decided to take on the spicy buffalo wings. While most people are contented with the buffalo wings that tickle the tongue, somebody out there has to come up with a killer version!

Last night, after the bah kut teh dinner we took up the “choose your level” challenge. But first, getting to this place is a challenge of its own. The place couldn’t be located at any worse location in Singapore. It is located deep inside Seletar camp at the corner of Seletar Airbase. It is madness to go there without a car and you must have a good sense of directions. If you ask me to drive there on my own, I guess I’ll be driving circles before ending up on the runway!! Well, if you are lost, you can always get the help or the army boys at the Seletar Camp 😉 They got so used to people ending up at the camp!

There are two seating area – indoor air conditioned and outdoor beer garden. We chose the latter which we found later on that it was not such a good idea. The outdoor area is nicely decorated with fairy lights and I loved the simplicity of the place minus the mozzies of course. Besides the famed wings, they served up Western food as well. If you do not want to torture yourself, there’s always a sane option. Since our main purpose was to take on the fiery wings, we ambitiously jumped to Level 3 which proves to be a not so wise idea…we should have start with Level 1 and let our tongue get acclimatized to the spiciness! As soon as the wings were served, you could almost immediately smell the fume, it was so pungent and it made me think  what did I sign up for?

choose your tongue scorching level

The first bite was okay and we were saying “bring on the Level 5”..but hah, that was before the spiciness kicked in. It was so darn spicy that we needed help, MILK that’s it. It is said that milk helps to soothe the spiciness and it did help. We were drinking gallons of water and it does not help if you drink will feel worse. The husband were sweating buckets and now you know why it was not a good idea to be seated outdoor!!

Our friends later on ordered Level 6 but it was way tooo much for me, for the night at least. I waved the white flag 😦 but I’m determined to go back and test my courage…one day. Are you up for the challenge? Try tackling Level 35 and have your name up on the wall of fame. For me, I’ll just settle at Level 3 for the time-being 🙂

Sunset Grill & Pub
140B Piccadilly Road,
Republic of Singapore Flying Club

open: 4 to 11pm
Wednesdays to Mondays
closed on Tuesdays.


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