Capture the Everyday: Car

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

Capture the Everyday is about getting you to capture those everyday moments in your life! Each Thursday, Mel from Adventuroo will issue a simple challenge to capture something that’s a part of your daily life. It’s a quick, easy way to start capturing those little parts of life we sometimes take for granted.

This week’s assignment: Car

I have zero knowledge about cars. When we bought our first car, the husband did all the research and I just tagged along for the test drive. Ask me anything about the car, I would politely refer you to the husband. All I know is the car’s model and that it can bring me from one place to another. The husband is very much into cars, real or not real. As a child he loves playing with toy cars. When he grew older, he would build car model..F1 car to be precise, using Lego pieces and he would tell me all about it. But I know nuts about car. In university, all his projects were related to car, building a wind tunnel and stuff. His dream is to become a car engineer/car designer but in this part of the world, the opportunity is limited. So, he ended up in the aviation industry.

the sketches are everywhere. this is drew on his credit card statement!

When we decided to get our first car early this year, he was very excited. Boys and cars, do I need to say more?? It’s just like girls and shoes! We always wanted to get a wheels of our own but it is freaking expensive to own a car in Singapore, the COE is forever on the rise. COE (certificate of entitlement) is little piece of paper that gives you the right to own a car for the next ten years, you still need car insurance, road tax and a whole lots of stuff to get the car on the road. After giving it much thoughts and getting our finances sorted out, we finally got our first car! We called it Rabbit 🙂

VW Golf


 The husband is getting all excited 🙂

Finally, the husband get to ‘play’ with the real thing. No more tiny Lego cars. Hop over to Adventuroo to participate in this week’s challenge, share with us your car pix!!


8 thoughts on “Capture the Everyday: Car

  1. Pearly

    the original incarnation of the golf was called the rabbit in the US. coincidence? but i’m guessing the hubby already knew that! =)

    (random visitor to your blog… can’t remember how i got directed here!)


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