#4 Shindig: Me Joining the 3-0 Club (2)

Besides the surprise, the husband also planned a potluck dinner. He invited a few of our close friends over. Initially, the theme for the potluck was Western but in the end, it became Fusion. Nevermind.

The morning after the party was tough, we got to drag ourselves out from the bed. Thank goodness there weren’t a hint of hangover! We started our day with lunch at Geylang for some Penang Laksa (if you are looking for authentic Penang Laksa in Singapore, head down to Geylang Lor 15)

When we got back from lunch, I literally parked myself in my kitchen and start preparing for dinner. The whole afternoon was spent cooking up a storm right up to the very last minute before the first guest arrives. I was not even ready…I still had my apron on, hair in a mess and my face was so oily I could fry an egg. Goodness me!!

I quickly washed up and have everything plated up. By the time the rest of our friends arrive, I am ready to receive them. All the food were laid out on the table and everyone started to dig in. There were so much food and so little space on the table..Oh my!! Hopefully, no one will suffer from eater’s remorse 🙂

For dessert, I made some local kuih, kuih lompang also known as kuih kosui…it’s shaped in a tiny teacup, green in color and topped with grated coconut. One of our friend suggested that we play a game. Spot the normal ones. We placed a dollop of wasabi ..YES, w-a-s-a-b-i on the kuih before topping it up with grated coconut. Everyone was game on!! You could see the nervousness in our faces when we took the very first bite, praying that it’s not lethal..haha. The (un)lucky ones including Me, had to endure the warm explosion in the mouth that sends vapor through the nose. It awakens all our senses. What a sight to behold 😆

We had tons of fun that night and I was dog-tired. After a month long hosting, what I gained was sore throat, blocked & runny nose and cough. It all comes in a package 😦 I was worn out but it was worth it, knowing that we threw a great party and everyone had fun. After that night, I told the husband, we are not having any major hosting until December. I need to be in tiptop condition for our upcoming X’mas bash 🙂




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