#4 Shindig: Me Joining the 3-0 Club (1)

The finale of the month long shindig was a celebration of me joining the 3-0 club!! OMG..I no longer belong to the twenty something group??! So how did I celebrate this day? Nothing over the top, we just had a couple of friends over for a potluck evening on my birthday.

But to kick things off, the husband and a few friends planned a surprise for me. The night before we had dinner at em’s place for some simple takeaways. The night adjourned pretty early and we headed home, not knowing that they have a surprise up their sleeves. When we reached home, I did some house chores and I realized that the husband was not his usual self. He was busy texting away and looking very stress coz the b’day girl was walking around the house not fully attired 😳

When I went back into the study room about to update my blog (the clock showed 12.00am), he came in, switched off all the lights, opened the door and SURPRISE!!!! Our friends were outside the room, holding a banner and a cake…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I was moved to tears!! I wasn’t expecting this at all. Okay okay…maybe expected it a tiny bit. I knew they were up to something but just couldn’t be sure. Well, all I have to say is kudos to all the potential Oscar winners!

It was a midnight full of laughter and before we knew it, it was already 4am!! Time definitely passes quickly when you are having fun. We called it a night for everyone is tired and we have a potluck dinner to look forward to the following day.

I am really grateful for this group of close friends and of course the ever-so-loving husband for planning this..welcoming me to the thirties. Thank you, guys!! Love y’all 🙂

Check out our potluck dinner the following day #4 Shindig: Me Joining the 3-0 Club (2)


5 thoughts on “#4 Shindig: Me Joining the 3-0 Club (1)

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  2. Lady J

    Happy (belated) birthday to you! I’m sure you had a blast… The 30’s are the new 20’s and remember age is but a number! 😉

  3. e Post author

    Thanx J!! Happy Belated birthday to u as well 🙂
    Yeah, age is just a number. I kept telling myself I am not getting older but wiser.haha


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