#2 Shindig: Em’s BIG 3-0 {Photolog}

A leettle lazie to blog..so gonna do a photo dump of Em’s birthday celebration. Em is one of our closest friend who we have known for many many years and we have formed close bond. She turned 30 in September and we had a small party at her place to celebrate her saying goodbye to her twenties..haha

Many many Happy Returns, EM!!!

Satay, stir fried mixed vege, cereal prawns, braised duck,
curry chicken & pandan chiffon cake

The following day, we had afternoon tea at Flor, dinner at SPRUCE and followed by dessert at PS Cafe @ Dempsey Hill. We were literally pounding on the calories the whole day!

Afternoon tea @ Flor

Dinner @ SPRUCE

It was an impromptu decision to hop over to PS Cafe for dessert. We wanted to have something sweet to end our meal at Spruce but sad to say that the desserts there were not the appealing, so we decided to move over to PS Cafe for dessert and coffee.

Dessert @ PS Cafe

We could barely move after all the food we had the whole day! What a sinful and gratifying day we had! 🙂

“I send to you warm wishes,that your happiness will be as wonderful as the happiness you have always given me. Happy Birthday, my dear!!”

What’s next? Penang Laksa party #3 Shindig: A Reminder Of Home..Assam Laksa


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