#1 Shindig: It’s All About Mooncakes

Finally I got some ME time. September is a hectic month for us..we were basically hosting one week after another. Phew! We love to host, although it’s tiring but when we know how much fun everyone is having, it’s all worth it. I guess I got the hosting genes from my parents. They are a wonderful host, they love having people around.

So Part 1 of the month long shindig was a Pre Mid Autumn gathering with the NUS group. We have been doing this for two year in a row. And we are going to make this a yearly event. I was tasked with preparing food on the table and the rest were responsible for the mooncakes. This has become the norm – I cook and they bring mooncakes 🙂

I prepared something simple for the night as the husband didn’t want me to slog it all out in the kitchen 😉
On the table was curry chicken, fried bee hoon and chicken wings (from WernH). Nothing fancy but enough to fill all the jelly bellies.

For dessert, we had pomelo, cheng th’ng jelly and we had a selection of mooncakes, snow skin and baked, all contributed by Windy and Alf. The highlight of the night was of course the home made mooncakes by me! 😉 We stuffed ourselves silly with all the various mooncakes and end it with a cup of freshly brewed chinese tea. Perfecto!

Next up. Em’s BIG 3-0 #2 Shindig: Em’s BIG 3-0 {Photolog}


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