Capture the Everyday: A Laugh

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

Capture the Everyday is about getting you to capture those everyday moments in your life! Each Thursday, Mel from Adventuroo will issue a simple challenge to capture something that’s a part of your daily life. It’s a quick, easy way to start capturing those little parts of life we sometimes take for granted.

This week’s assignment: A laugh

When I found out that this week’s assignment is about a laugh, I instantly knew which picture to put up. I love candid shots and this is one of the picture I love the most in our entire wedding collections.

There’s a story behind this photo. Minutes before, I pressed my own panic button when I couldn’t find the bag of “ang pow” (red packet-to be given to those who are not married during the tea ceremony) and to make matters worse, the husband came without prior notice..he was waiting downstairs. Everyone was searching high and low only for me to realize that I actually placed it in another bag (Did you see the swarovski bag sitting nicely on the table? Yes, it was right in front of me all the while!!) Before my dad could start to nag (in normal circumstances, my dad would already have), I pleaded with him not to scold me. I don’t remember what he said, but am sure it was funny..everyone burst out into laughter 😀

I would say my photographer did a fantastic job in capturing so much laughter on that day. Some of the other laughs..

happy mum & dad

me & granny

mr & mrs C

Any laugh you would like to share? Hop over to Adventuroo to take part in this week’s assignment!!


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