#3 Shindig: A Reminder Of Home..Assam Laksa

It is tough bidding goodbye to Penang 7 years ago to look for opportunities in Singa Land. Penang is where home is but we have to constantly remind ourselves that…now that we have a house and career in Singapore. Having a group of close knit friends in Singapore all hailed from Penang makes us feel more at home, and having someone in our group who can whip up amazing Penang food is a plus!!

That person in our group is Sam. So far, we can’t find any good Assam Laksa in Singapore and now we found one. She makes the best Assam Laksa I would say. Maybe it’s on par with those you find in Penang. It is that good! So, on one of the weekend, she cooked up a storm for us. Having tried her Laksa once, we kept pestering her to make more. C did not get to try the very first time, so he was very eager, waiting patiently for the day to come.


the husband’s idea..turning the house into a Laksa stall πŸ™„

We have the Laska party at my house. So the poor lady got to prepare and cook everything in her house before bringing the noodles, vege and the pot of spicy, sour and fishy soup over to my place. While we were busy setting up the Laksa ”stall”, the husband of mine disappear from the kitchen, only to find out that he quietly made a bowl of Laksa for himself and was happily eating them!! When everyone starts to dig in, the husband was into his second bowl πŸ˜†


Harmony in a bowl

We had a great night. It is not so much about the food (although it was the star of the night) but it was simply the gathering of close friends πŸ™‚ At the end of the night, everyone left home happy and satisfied…it feels like returning home from Penang πŸ˜‰


guys-catching football action; ladies-gossiping in the background πŸ˜‰



Next up. Finale of the month long hosting #4 Shindig: Me Joining the 3-0 Club (1)


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