On one of the Sunday, while exploring Duxton Hill after our coffee break at The Plain, we stumbled upon Flor Patisserie, a Japanese inspired French patisserie. What caught my attention, was two ladies carrying Flor’s box and we went looking for the shop. It is a hole slice-in-the-wall cake shop located in a row of shophouses along Duxton Hill, just opposite the public carpark, super convenient for those who drives. There are only a few tables indoors and outdoors, definitely not for large groups.



All the tables were filled when were there, so we decided to do take away. There were so many cakes to choose from, all looked so pretty and nicely presented, I wanted to get them all but was only allowed to get one 😦 Since I was only allowed to get one, I have to their best seller,so I asked the counter staff to recommend and she suggested Napoleon. It was very good, and for C, a non-cake person to keep saying how good it was, I guess that said it all.


Napoleon-crisp puff pastry slathered with pastry cream with a whiff of strawberry

Since that day, I’ve already went back to the shop 3 times and the staff was seen telling me “didn’t I just see you the other day?” 😳 I brought Em there one of the day and she tried their Waguri Millefeuille (she’s not a cake person as well)..she was hooked. Both Em and myself are considering having their cakes as our meal substitute 🙂 Haha


Strawberry Souffle – soft sponge cake sandwiched with fluffy and light cream cheese cake, topped with strawberries


Waguri Millefeuille-delicate strands of chestnut cream piped over a sandwich of crisp and flaky puff pastry


Wakakusayama-honey infused green tea roll with red bean cream topped with piped green tea cream


Mango Pie-baked creme d’amande tart filled with pastry cream and topped with fresh ripe mangoes


One more for the road 😉

There are still few more cakes I have not tried and they are all on my list. The  thing about Flor’s cake is that you won’t get sick of it even if you have to finish it all but yourself unlike those overly sweet and heavy cakes. I will definitely be back even if it means driving all the way from the East 😀


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