J In Singapore!

So, J was in town for a week and we played a lot of catching up. My friendship with J started 7 years ago when we first stepped foot into Singapore. We became friends and eventually housemates. There were 4 of us in the house and over the years, our friendship blossomed to where it is today. Today we are like a family, sister to one another. We were so close to one another that you can’t bring yourself to be mad at them for whatever shit they do. We share secrets, we compliment each other, if things are not right, we will tell each other off and there will be no ill feelings.


Last year, she quit her job and went back to Malaysia for good. We missed her, of course. We still keep in touch. When I’m in KL, we will meet up for coffe and she still comes back to Singapore once in a while. The last few days were spent with her except the day that I have to work. Boo! We ate, we drink, we laughed and we cried. If only she’s here over the weekend, then there will be serious partying!!! It’s been that long since the last time we move our body. Since there will be no partying, we just chill out at my place…in the kitchen :). This is our favorite place to hang out, sitting around the island, sipping wine and  indulging in girlie conversations.


On Tuesday when Em and myself are free from work, our whole day was devoted to the missy. We went to Flor Patisserie for some afternoon delights. We were lucky to get a table as there are only 4 tables in the shop. We ordered three cakes for ourselves and they were all very yummy. For a non cake person like Em to like their cakes, they must be good! We chatted over cakes and teas, we were so engrossed in our conversations until we were ‘chased’ out from the shop as they were about to close. They staff were just waiting for us to leave 😳 It was a lovely afternoon spent with two friends I’ve come to treasure 🙂


To both of you, thank you for an amazing friendship. I’m sure there will be many more 7 years of great friendship to come. Love y’all!!



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