10 Years On..

Today marked the 10th anniversary of September 11. The day that changed the world. I was still in college then and was in my hostel room when I received a phone call C. He told me what had happened. I quickly ran to the canteen (that’s the only place with a TV) to catch the news. The canteen was crowded and you can see the look of horror on some faces. I was in shock and in disbelief. How could someone in their sane mind do this?? What were they thinking??? It was a solemn next few days, everywhere you go, people were talking about the news, newspaper and TV were giving up-to-date coverage.

What happened on that day altered the lives of millions, changing the way we travel and there is no escaping the feeling of anxiety by an unending cycle of insecurity and suspicion.

Ten years on, some might have moved on but to some, what happened on that day is still clear on their minds. Let’s just hope that this inhumane incident will not happen again and there will be world peace.

Peace to you!


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