Stimboat in Joo Chiat

Our close friend, J was in town for a week and we planned for dinner on Wednesday since everyone is free. The reason she came to Singapore is to meet up with us and a few other friends. We were trying to look for a place which can accomodate 10 of us and not too noisy where you can have a decent conversation. C suggested steamboat and I remember reading Lady J’s blog about a steamboat place in Joo Chiat. After a few calls, we set on Jin Ji Teochew Traditional Steamboat.


The place is quite convenient in terms of parking. Just right opposite the shop is a public parking space. When we arrived, the place was quite crowded, all the tables were filled even on a Wednesday night. Luckily, we made a reservations. Since all of us were first timers, we left the ordering to the staff, he recommended a few of their signature dishes; handmade fish balls, meat balls, squid paste (which was sold out :(), fish koay teow and a few others. They were all very fresh and of decent quality.


All of us loved the soup, it was rich and tasty. It is no ordinary chicken stock. I’ve read that the soup was prepared with 17 ingredients and they used shark’s bones in it. Whatever it is, the soup was flavourful and we kept having bowls upon bowls of soup. I’ve actually lost count on how many times the soup were replenished 😀


Waiting for it to comes to a boil before attacking 😉

Besides steamboat, they do have cooked dishes as well. The one I would recommend is the crispy pork knuckle, nicely deep fried to a crisp plus the meat is soft and tender. And it is not greasy at all. I was so preoccupied with the yummy pork that I forgot to take a picture of it, by the time I remember, only bones were left 😦

After the meal, all of us agreed that this is one of the best steamboat so far.  The restaurant confidently makes a bold claim “不好吃不收钱” (translations: if it’s not nice, you don’t have to pay). We paid for our food, of course. So, if you are in the East and craving for steamboat, you gotta come here. Be your own jury 🙂


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