Sunday Afternoon

We seldom get to spend weekends together and if we do, we usually laze at home and spend quality time together. We seldom go to town on weekends as we much prefer to stay away from the weekend crowds. The human traffic is crazy. But last Sunday, we decided to go kai-kai ( cantonese term for walking around). We went to the Border’s Sales at Expo. We wanted to see if we could get any good books but we came out empty handed. For some people, they were carrying baskets and boxes of books. And it makes me think that we are taking advantage of people’s misfortune.

After a fruitless morning, we went and rub shoulders with the IT geeks at COMEX. C wanted to go and I know that gadgets to guys is like what fashion is to girls, so I obliges. This is the best time to get any IT/electronic stuff, most stuff are going at quite a cheap price. Many TVs, laptops etc were snapped up in minutes. Sometimes you just can’t resist cheap bargains but you have to endure the blaring of loudspeakers and people stuffing brochures at you. And not to mention get stuck in the middle of the aisle with sweaty guys Ewww…. C had a list of things he wanted to get but ended up with only 1 item. And he can’t use it after trying it at home despite us asking the sales person numerous times. Damn! And we got to bring it back to the shop for an exchange.

After all the shoving around with humans, we headed to The Plain for our afternoon coffee. Thank God it was peaceful and quiet at this part of the town. When we stepped in to the cafe, what caught us was how cosy and simple the place is. The decor is minimal, just as the name suggest, PLAIN. It is a nice place to chill whilst having a cup of coffee. Psst..they served a mean cuppa. A slight disappointment was there were no cakes or any sort of dessert to go with our coffee. We ended up ordering a pastrami sandwich to share. Not too bad but it will be great if they don’t stinge on the meat. Comparatively to 40 hands, I feel that the coffee here is nicer but sandwich wise, I still prefer those from 40 hands. Will I go back again? Definitely YES..just for their coffee 🙂







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