A Date With Penang Hawkers

Our neighbour, D invited us to dinner on Friday to celebrate his wife’s birthday. We have known this family for a few years and when we moved into our current place, we got closer. Coincidentally, we bought our house just above theirs. Occasionally, we will go out for meals, have dinner at each other’s place, drinking/chill out session and they are my no 1 food taster 🙂

Dinner was set on Friday and we went to the Penang Hawker’s Fare at York Hotel. This will be my second time going to the buffet. The first time was with C. We were there for lunch and the price is much cheaper as compared to dinner although they serve pretty much the same food. Well, for me, I find that the food are only passable despite the hawkers are flown in from Penang. For us Penangites (people from Penang), we are proud of our local delights and we have such a high standards for them. But if you have major cravings for Penang food, this is the place to go 🙂 If not head north to Penang for some good stuff!!

Selections of hawker’s delights:


Assam Laksa


Ban Chang Kueh


Lor Bak


Gorged ourselves silly 😛


Char Koay Teow


Hokkien Mee




Ice Kacang


Ice Ball {Seng Ouan}


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