Snapshots: The Most Picturesque Alleyway

The graffiti covered walls of Hosier Lane is one of Melbourne’s most obvious attractions due to its sophisticated urban art. Street artists are encourage by the Melbourne City Council to use dedicated alleyways to showcase their creativity. Many people think of graffiti as a nuisance but here in Melbourne, it is celebrated.

One of the episode of Masterchef Australia was held in this lane. In the celebrity challenge, Marion took on Frank Camorra of Movida and she won. I’m sure Frank Camorra must have felt bad to be beaten in his own territory. Note: his restaurant, Movida, is located in this lane. I didn’t know this place exist until I watched MA and my bro, who is living in Melbourne told me about it. So, the other day when I was in Melbourne, I ventured out to look for this place. It is near to Flinder’s Street Station and only 10 mins walk for my hotel!! Walking into the lane is akin to walking into an art gallery which opens 24/7, rain or shine. The only difference is it is outdoor. 🙂

My suggestion to those who are visiting Melbourne, go to Hosier Lane and let yourself get lost in the world of street artists!!  When you are done ogling at the graffiti, treat yourself to tapas at Movida and oh ya, don’t forget to order their signature dish, Bomba!! 🙂









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