Anyone Can Make Their Own Mooncakes!

I am not a huge mooncake fans. I don’t go ga-ga over them. The only exception is the Snow-Skin D24 Black Durian Mooncake by Home’s Favorite. It is by far the best I have eaten. The thin mochi like skin encassing the durian filling. Every bite you take is like having the real thing, durian that’s it. A friend commented recently, “it’s so expensive, might as well eat the real thing”. Well, it’s kinda true but it’s once a year thing, so just let me eat!

Mooncakes are traditionally baked and filled with lotus paste or red bean paste with egg yolk in the center to symbolize the full moon. Over time, mooncakes took on a modern adaptations, the fillings have diversified to include just about anything which can be made into a paste. The skins also evolved, they are either baked, snow skin (like a mochi skin) and deep fried (thousand layers).

It was an impromptu decision to make mooncake today. I started off with the easiest of the lots – snow skin mooncake. And to make things easier, I bought the snow skin pre-mix from Phoon Huat. I made green tea snow skin with red bean paste filling, and yes I cheated again, I bought the ready made paste as well 😛

Em came over to my place after lunch and decided to give me a hand. She in charge of diving the paste while I was prepping the dough. Later on, my neighbour, D (an avid cook) and his daughter came and join us as well. This is our very first time making mooncake and we had loads of fun. We are already planning for our second mooncake making session next week 🙂

♥ this pic {father & daughter}

With all the pre-mixes and paste readily available at the baking shop, everyone can make their own mooncake. All you need are snow skin pre-mix, shortening, flavouring & colouring, fillings and moulds.

1. Prepare the snow skin according to instructions.
2. Divide the filling and skin on a ratio of 3:1.
3. Wrap filling with dough and pop them in a lightly floured mould.
4. Press down firmly to help the dough takes shape and knock it out from the mould.
5. Allow it to set in the fridge.

My next attempt will be the traditional (baked) mooncakes and making the snow skin from scratch. Watch out!! 


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