Alone With Your Ramen..The Ichiran Experience

Folks from Fukuoka pride themselves with their ramens.  No trip to Fukuoka is ever complete without trying their famous ramen which I’ve heard so much about. When I was in Fukuoka, I visited Ichiran Ramen and it was a totally unique experience. I am no ramen expert but their ramen is insanely good. The broth is rich and divine. The noodles cooked to perfection.  I can eat them everyday!!

Ichiran Ramen @ Canal City, Fukuoka

The whole dining experience was a one of a kind. Upon entering the shop, you are greeted by vending machine, which is a common sight in Japan. Place your order, get the ticket and go into one of the available cubicle. It is a tiny counter with dividers in between.

Vending Machine

Seating Chart

Individual Cubicles

Eating in Solitude

Inside the cubicle, you will be presented with a piece of paper and a pen much like in an exam. Multiple choices, not tough at all, no copying, just follow your mouth 😉

How awesome your ramen is depends on this paper 🙂

In front of you is an opening for serving of food. You can’t see who is serving you, you can only see the lower torso of the waiter/waitress. Upon serving, a mini bamboo blind will be lowered and you are all alone with your ramen. The only noticeable noises you can hear is sniffling and aggressive slurping of noodles. No conversation at all.

my specialized tonkatsu ramen

Hands down the most enjoyable ramen I’ve ever had. A simple ramen that gets all the ticks. And not forgetting the dining experience. Yumz 🙂


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