Uber Healthy Brekkie

I grew up disliking all dairy products. Yogurt and muesli to me were some exotic thing, I would rather starve than eating those gooey mushy thing. Yikes! But over the years my palate changed. Now I have yogurt and muesli almost every morning noon when I wake up. It fills me up and will last me the whole day until dinner time. My favorite muesli is the pre-mixed fruit and nut muesli from Sainsbury and Marks & Spencer. Every time when I’m over in London, I will stock up bags of them for myself and C (he eats them in the office for lunch on Oats day-Mon, Wed & Fri. Note: it has to be these three days. Yes he is a funny man!) It is so much cheaper in London than in Singapore!

Muesli has many health benefits. It is a good source of protein and has a high amount of fibre which lowers cholesterol level. The thing I like about muesli is that it can be customized to any way you like. I like mine with lots of nuts and fruits. All you need is pre-mixed muesli, milk/yogurt and fixings! While you are figuring what to be added, you can soak the muesli with milk. You can also use soy milk or almond milk. It’s all about tweaking to what suits you best. Once the oats soften, you can add whatever heck you wanted. It’s best to serve chill or if you have time, prepare it the night before. This will allow all the ingredients to blend in together and let the flavor set in.

My Uber Healthy Muesli


1/2 cup rolled oats or pre-mixed muesli
soy milk
apple juice
1 tsp maple syrup
1 green apple (shredded or diced)
hazelnuts/almonds (chopped)

1. Soak the oats with milk and juice. I’ve never measured it. Just pour until muesli is covered. Add more milk/juice if you prefer your muesli to be liquidy, as the muesli will soak up the liquid.
2. Add in green apples, blueberries and nuts.
3. Mix well and serve chilled.

p/s: I added apple juice and maple syrup to sweetened the muesli.

You make it the way you like it!


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