Mid Year Vacation: Hoi An

When we decided to go to Danang, Hoi An, Hue and a few others are on the list of places to visit. But we ended up only visiting Hoi An. Reason: Fusion Maia, we want to spend as much time as possible in the resort, so we did not venture out as what we initially planned.
The resort provides free shuttle to Hoi An three times daily. We went there almost everyday-stuff ourselves silly with yummy Vietnamese food and C had his pants tailor made.

There are nothing much to do in Hoi An actually, but it is the city’s charm that drew us back everyday.Walking along the narrow cobbled streets, you truely feel as if you have stepped back in time. It brought back memories of me growing up in my grandparents’ house. The old quarters are lined with cristinely old pre-war houses which are now filled with art galleries, restaurants, tailors, crafts, etc. The buildings are painted in a characteristic bright yellow color and you can see there are a little bit of Chinese-Japanese-French influence to it.

I am so glad we went to Hoi An on one of the evening. When night falls, the Old Town lit up. Hundreds of lanterns lit across the town and turn Hoi An into an enchanting place. Kids come out and play, running on the streets while their parents are chit-chatting. You can sense the neighbourhoodliness (if there’s such a word) in them. I loved this place in the day and even more at night!! After dinner, we walked along the river, enjoying the laterns that beautifully reflected off the water before calling it a day.

On our last day, we hired a bicycle and cycle around Hoi An. It was pleasant to cycle around the old town as no cars or bikes are allowed in the part of Hoi An. Once you are out of the old town, it was a different story all by itself. Cycling around the city is not for the faint hearted. There are cars and bikes everywhere. We realize one thing while cycling, they just love to honk. I guess it’s just a habit. They honk for no apparent reason. We just take it as music to our ears. I definitely recommend hiring a bicycle but provided you have balls of steel. Haha!

You can find pretty decent Vietnamese food in Hoi An. Most of the restaurants are quite very touristy, if you prefer something more local, you got to get out of the Old Town. We had our meals at Miss Ly Cafe after reading some good reviews about them. We tried their famous deep-fried wantons, rose dumpling and Hoi An specialty Cao Lao. It was cheap and good, so much so that we went back the next day ordering the same thing! 🙂 If you are adventurous, do try some of their street food, it is SO SO much cheaper than having them in the restaurant. But only try if you have a strong stomach!!

uber cheap street food – “roll it” .. all for less than SGD 1

rose dumpling & deep fried wantons


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