Afternoon date

It’s been agesssss since the 3 of us hang out together. The 3 being mr C, yours trully and Em. We love each other’s company. We go on holiday together, sharing a room and bed, we party and get drunk, roamed the streets in the middle of the night. Basically, we do all these nonsense together.
Since C, myself and Em were available, we did some catching up. We went for lunch at Forty Hands after getting our errands done. C and myself enjoyed the coffee and the laid back feeling to the place. They served one of the best coffee and sandwiches in town albeit a bit pricey, $9.50 for a sandwich but price aside, they are delicious. We chit, we chat and from a short lunch, we ended up staying for 2 hours. The poor C had to keep topping up the parking ticket!

This was followed by happy hour drinks at Raffles Shopping Centre. C had to attend the Alpha course at St Andrew’s Cathedral so we checked ourselves in to a bar, get a few drinks and continue our girly chat. There will always be alcohol when Em is around. HAHA!
When C was done, we were famished. Knowing how much Em loves Thai food, we headed to Nakhon Thai at Bedok which serves some mouth-watering Thai food (It’s proven by the long queue that gathers outside the restaurant every evening). We had so much to eat and could barely walk after the meal. What a way to round off the day!! 🙂



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