The husband went to Spruce for dinner with his colleagues and came back saying how good the food were. So he decided to bring me & MIL for dinner after the Lion King musical.
The restaurant was tucked away in Phoenix Park, off Tanglin Road. The restaurant is housed in an old rustic bungalow somewhat similar to PS Cafe at Dempsey Road. There are two seating area-indoor and al fresco. It has a nice secluded serene feel to it.
For starter, we ordered a crab cake to share. It is damn good, very meaty and fresh. It literally melts in your mouth. The pairing with tomatoes and rocket salad brings out the robust flavour of the dish.


We ordered 3 mains:
Signature Beef Short Ribs
-served with fried egg, spinach and top with horseradish gremolata. The beef was very tender and succelent. It was a hit among us although I much prefer the Roasted Pork Belly.


Tagliatelle Black Pork Bolognese
– I find it so so only. Nothing special.


Slow cooked Kurobuta Pork Belly
– served with radish, broccolini and drizzle of balsamic dressing. The sourness of the balsamic goes well with the pork belly. It doesn’t feel greasy at all.

I find the dessert menu could be better. Not much choices to choose from. We ordered the ginger date pudding. There’s a hint of ginger taste which suits C’s tastebud. However, I personally feel that it was dry and tasted more like muffin. Definitely a waste of calories.


The food makes us want to go back for more. How we wished it’s just next door. Casual dining at its best.


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