Mid Year Vacation

Every year we try to go for 3 hols. Begining, middle and end of the year. It is usually a short vacation and a long one end of the year. Anyway during our wedding, C has made a promise to this. Call me high maintenance! HAHA. (Fyi, I am not) 🙂
Back to our mid year vacation. Both of us enjoy the sun, sea and beach. We prefer resort more than city. We want to feel recharge after the vacation instead of worn out from all the walking, catching the bus/metro. We prefer to go somewhere out of the norm. We don’t like crowds.
So for this mid year getaway, after some research, we decided on Danang. Danang is Vietnam’s fourth largest city and a deep seaport in Central Vietnam, located halfway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Danang’s coastline stretches 30 kilometres and is renowned for calm and cool water.
We managed to get a fantastic deal for the hotel and reasonable fare for flight although that means transitting at ho chi minh. But after what happened this morning, it is not reasonable anymore. It is almost the same price as Silkair which flies direct to Danang. Damn us for being such an idiot!!

Alright, it’s time to board the plane to Danang. Will post up more on our mid year hols. Stay tune!!




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