Awful start

“Babee, WE ARE LATE!!!!” Jumped out from the bed, looked at the clock and it showed 6.49 am. Checked my phone and it showed 6.49 am as well. (I am dead sure I set the alarm but for some reason it did not go off). I tried to figure out how much time we have. GREAT!! 45 mins before our flight departs!!!! What came out from my mouth was a slur of vulgarities one could think off.
“Call for cab now!!!!!!” yelled C. My hands were trembling and my heart were pounding like never before. You could hear them from miles awayyy.
Wash up, get change and out of the house in minutes. When we reached the aiport, I ran to the check in counter, (as if we were in amazing race) hoping that they will give us some leeway and check us in. Fat hope, E!!
“Sorry ma’am, the counter is already closed. If it’s 5 mins late, we can close one eye and check you in. But you are 20mins late”
“But, but our cab break down. We don’t want to be late as well” Liar liar pants on fire!
“Sorry ma’am, this is our policy. We can’t help you. You got to catch the next flight”
Damn it, can’t bluff my way through.
So, C and myself went to the airline counter and asked to book us on the next available flight to Saigon. We were expecting to pay a hefty penalty especially so on budget airline. But we only paid 70 bucks each. Quite alright, imo. Before we left the counter, the guy said to us “remember your new departure time. Do not miss your flight again!” Thanx for reminding, dude!! Of course we will be on time this time round!
After settling the sin-saigon flight, we still have to sort out the saigon-danang flight and the pick up from hotel. Sigh! So much trouble before the start of our mid year holiday. What a memorable experience. Let’s hope that this will never happen again.

We are now back home waiting for our next flight. Although we were dead sleepy, we dare not sleep a wink. Afraid our alarm will play us up again! If that happens again, we are screwed! HAHA

Happy holiday to us!!


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