Final Goodbye.

Received a text from C “Kong kong passed away last night..”
It is always heart wrenching when you receive this solemn news. Be it your family members, friends or someone you barely know. No one like this kind of news.  But then this is life. We have to learn to accept it and turn the page. It is sad that he has to leave us but we know that he is safe in God’s hand, in a better place. No more suffering.

So we took the night flight back to Penang. Upon arriving, we were brought straight to the funeral parlour to pay our last respect to the great man. There were tears swelling up in C’s eyes. I was trying my best holding up my tears but they just flow down freely. It is difficult to accept that 7 months ago, he was in the pink of health when he attended our wedding. And in just a matter of months, his health has deteriorated and led to his passing. His passing affected Lucas and Philip the most. They grew up with him and were so close to each other. Although I did not know kong kong well, but I know him as a dotting grandpa to his grandchildren, a great father and a loving husband. I wished I could have known him better.

Kong kong, may you rest in peace. I hope that your next life will be filled with fun and laughter. You will be greatly missed!


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