Two years ago today..

Two years ago today, was a day to remember. He popped the question on the first day of our vacation in Phuket. I said YES, of course! We spent the whole day by the beach and I was led back to the villa by C, to the most romantic dinner setting ever – thanx to our personal butler for transforming the veranda to a private dining area with candles lining the balcony and fairy lights wrapping around the trees, adding sparkles to the dimly lit area.

Although I mostly expected the proposal to happen in Phuket but I was swept off my feet. I did not expect it to be on the first day of our week long vacation. It really came as a surprise. It was an immense effort from the man especially trying all his best to stop me from returning to the hotel during the day 🙂

So, after we had settled down, drinks and food were served and some adjustment to the camera (he took a video of the proposal), he walked towards me and on bended knees he declared his love to me before popping the question. I burst into tears and I couldn’t remember a single word that he said accept, I WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU, WILL YOU MARRY ME?

YES! YES! YES! (in between sobs) 🙂

I shared the wonderful news with my Mum immediately and that was the beginning of our journey to a blissful marriage..



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