Durian ♥

Durian is perhaps the most controversial fruit around, either you love them to bits or hate them to the core. The smell evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust so much so that it is prohibited from certain all hotels and some public transportation. June & July are the durian season in Penang. I don’t care about what people said, but for me Penang has the BEST durian. Being a die hard durian lover, I will go back to Penang during these months and enjoy what the orchard has to offer. Did I mention that C’s family has a durian orchard?? And now you know why I married him in the first place..Haha

My parents, knowing how much I love the smelly thorny fruit will buy them to welcome my homecoming. Even before I stepped into the house, I could smell the inviting aroma of the fruit. The last trip when I was back, durian was featured on the menu everyday from breakfast to supper. My parents bought me durians, my aunt bought me durians and of course the durian buffet in the orchard. Me and Mum even had durians while driving to the airport ( we always do silly things..) Aaahhh..our affections for durian!!

Durian season is ending soon. You will be greatly missed and right now, I shall work some fat off until we meet again. Next post, durian puffs.


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